Reasons of Muslim downfall

Rise-downfall, downfall-rise, this is the cycle humans saw since the beginning of the human race. History has proven that whenever a nation was cursed or destroyed, the reason was the men of knowledge of that nation, who invested in their own as well as their whole nation’s destruction. ALLAH swt has described the destruction of the nations who met humiliated end because of their evil deeds and their forgetfulness of the deen of ALLAH.

Al-Quran 43: 8
“Then We destroyed men stronger (in power) than these,— and the example of the ancients has passed away (before them)”

ALLAH swt destroyed them because their pride over their own selves made them disbelieving ALLAH swt and rejecting HIS prophets.

Al-Quran 54:51

“And indeed, We have destroyed your likes, then is there any that will remember (or receive admonition)?”
These nations were destroyed because they disobeyed. Some were dishonest and some were indulged in illicit relationships that too out of nature, so they met a horrible end.

What do we see in muslim nation today? Are not we the people who are dishonest, have all the evils in us? Being muslims and having clear cut warnings in our holy book, we should have been the nicest people but instead muslims chose the way of destruction for themselves and for their coming generations. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w prophesied that muslims of later ages will be more in number but will be the most humiliated among the others. How true, we are the most humiliated people today because we are called terrorists, illiterate, backward, greedy of power and riches etc. we have won many titles from the kufaars who were our enemies once and now our masters. This is all prophesied by the way. The reasons of the downfall of the muslim nation are many, countless, but the major ones are:

1: the greed of power
In the greedy of power, the muslim rulers never understood that they are human beings with limited mental and physical capacity. They killed millions or other muslims to rule the area and to be the biggest kings. Some of them even married the non muslims to rule bigger areas. We have examples or the kings of the muslims from arab, turk and asian regions. They, instead of joining hands against the non muslim powers, even helped them to get rid of the muslim competitors. Even with the division of power and inter hated muslim ummah, crusaders could never won any battle against muslims.

They did not even then realized their power and duty. This continues to date. Soo, how many muslim countries are really governed by just and honest GOD fearing muslim rulers? None, all of them are the boot lickers of America which is real terms is the god of world now. Muslims are killing each other so that they could remain in power with the help of America! America, who is America? A country of people like us, the correct sentence should be: a country of people who killed red Indians and occupied that land, people who are the blood suckers and killers and have an illiterate and jahil beginning? They have nothing to be proud of, the people of the white house and the devil worshipers in real terms. And the muslims are the boot lickers of the devil worshipers of the west. This is the main reason of the downfall of muslims.

2: the disunity
The second most important reason for the downfall of the muslim ummah is the disunity. Muslims are divided into sects and sub sects and even their subsects. They have divided themselves on the basis of their understanding of religion sometimes and sometimes they were fooled by the evil minded people who took the disguise of islam to mislead the muslims. They never tried to think if they are been fooled. They followed blindly their scholars and masters. Today, muslims proudly own sects and curse the ones they do not like. They deviate from the message of ALLAH clearly.

Al Quran 3:105

“Do not be like those who splintered (into sects) and differed (among themselves), even though clear proofs had already come to them. It is they, for whom there exists the severest (most awful) punishment.”
This is what ALLAH swt has said about those who divide themselves in sects and then curse each other, is there anyone to take guidance from Quran and sunnah? Muhammad s.a.w.w prophesied about the division of ummah into sects only because ummah did not believe in ALLAH and pay head to what His Messenger s.a.w.w said much.

3: running for riches
The third reason for downfall of ummah is the greed of money. This can be trcked back to the kings of turk, asia and arabs a thousand years ago. These kings and amirs did not ever try to take guidance from Quran; instead, they accumulated wealth by looting it and by deceiving others. This is also a clear cut deviation from Quran.

Al-Quran 2:195
“Spend your wealth for the cause of Allah. Do not, by your own doings, put yourself in harm’s way. Do the right thing. Of course, Allah loves the righteous.”

ALLAH swt said to spend wealth so that the due share of those which is given as part of our rizq can reach them, but we see the trend of money accumulation today whose foundations were set by our ancestor.
If we read our history (the later history when the righteous rulers were no more), we will see how unjust the rulers were and how unjustly they gathered wealth to keep themselves powerful. This trend is found to date. Just see the powerful expropriating the rights of the poor people, we pay taxes and the rich people eat those taxes, those big tummy rich people. Today, a son kills father and siblings kill each other for the wealth. This is what ALLAH swt said us to do;

Al- Quran 4:029

“Oh you who believe! Do not devour each other’s wealth unfairly _ (through force or fraud). Rather, enter into (a legitimate) trade (and deal fairly) with mutual consent and agreement. Do not kill (destroy) each other. Indeed Allah is full of mercy for you!”

4: disbelief in ALLAH and HIS Messenger s.a.w.w

Apparently, everyone will say, no we believe, we are muslims. But when it comes to set a practical example, very few muslims strive. The forth major reason of the down fall of muslims is the deviation from the right path in every aspect. This is the mother of all the other reasons of downfall. We see all the vulgarity, disbelief, deviation from islam, innovation in deen and other diseases in the muslim society today. People do not take ALLAH as their Lord instead they believe in a pir baba or some imam or scholar and associate their loyal-ness to a man like them.

AL-Quran 3:032

“Say, “,Obey ALLAH and obey the messenger!” But if they turn away (beware), Allah does not like the unbelievers.”

Is the trend of the modern muslims not anti Islamic, anti quranic and like disbelievers. It certainly is.
All the troubles we muslims are seeing today are only because of our own deeds. We have strayed and now we wonder around in a world where we are the most insulted nation. ALLAH does not take care of those who do not take care of themselves. We cannot blame our fates, but our nafs.

Al-Quran 13:11

Lo! Allah changeth not the condition of a folk until they (first) change that which is in their hearts; and if Allah willeth misfortune for a folk there is none that can repel it, nor have they a defender beside Him.
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