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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Indian Singer Yuvan Shankar Conversion To Islam

By 5:37 PM
all the rumors which we hear about the celebrities conversion to Islam are not fake because lots of celebrities are Indeed converting to Islam. the latest example is Indian singer and writer Yuvan Shankar Raja who has accepted Islam recently.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Amazing Muslim Couples

By 1:33 PM
Allah SWT has blessed the mankind with gift of Nikah which opens the way of Halal relationship through marriage between man and women. Allah SWT has kept a natural attraction between man and women which should be fulfilled through Halal way of Nikah.

Here are some amazing photos of married Muslim couples:


Has Undertaker Really Converted to Islam?

By 12:58 PM
Few months ago I wrote a blog post when fake rumor about Mr Bean conversion to Islam was spread over the Internet and now this rumor is spread all over Internet that famous WWE Wrestler Undertaker has converted to Islam and taken Islamic name of Mohammad Ismail.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Eid Ul Fitr 2014 Celebrations

By 8:37 AM
The Holy Month of Ramadan Kareem is about to end. In some countries its ending today while in others it will end tomorrow. Muslims throughout the world are ready to celebrate the Eid Ul Fitr that is one of two Islamic festivals celebrated each year after Ramadan on 1st Shawwal of Islamic Calendar.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Ramadan Iftar Around The World

By 11:43 PM
We have entered the last few days of Holy Month of Ramadan Kareem as Eid Ul Fitr is just a week away now. During this Ramadan Muslims continued to do fasting with great excitement. Most of people do Sahoor and Iftar together by making special dishes.

Families sits together and enjoys the food which gives great joy and satisfaction. many families who don't eat together whole year finally eats on one table together in this month.

Let see how people around the world do their Iftar:



10 Facts About Eid Ul Fitr

By 10:34 PM
In total there are two festivals In Islam in a year Eid Ul Fitr and Eid Ul Adha. Eid Ul Fitr is celebrated at end of holy month of Ramadan. It is also known as small Eid. other Eid Is Eid Ul Adha which is celebrated on 10th of Dhu al-Hijjah after Hajj. This Eid is also known as Big Eid.


Friday, July 18, 2014

For How Long Muslims Fasts Around The World?

By 8:55 PM
Muslim World fasts in Ramadan from the time of sunrise till sunset from eating and drinking. The time of fasting in not the same in entire world. In some parts of the world its just 9 hours and in others its 21 hours.

Lets see for how long Muslims around the world fasts actually in this Infographic:


Israeli Atrocities Against Gaza Palestine

By 12:35 AM
From last 10 days Israel is doing massacre of people of Gaza Palestine with air bombing which has resulted in 230 deaths and 1400 Injuries which dozens of buildings got destroyed. Now Israel has also launched ground offensive on Gaza which will result in more trouble.

throughout decades people of Palestine continues to face the Israeli terrorism which has taken lives of thousands Palestinian kids, women and men. Israeli also continues to occupy more and more land with time. People of Palestine has no weapons or warplanes to defend themselves while Israel attacks them with latest Fighter jets and heavy weapons.

In this situation International community Including Muslim countries also plays Shameful role by staying silent and not taking any practical step against Israel.

Let me show them photos with you which will make you realize that what trouble people of Palestine are going through.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Eid Ul Fitr 2014 Cards Collection

By 6:54 PM
With the happiness of Ramadan Kareem the Muslims also gets another happiness at end of the holy month and that is Eid Ul Fitr which is also known as Small Eid. In total there are two Eids which Muslims celebrate in a year. Eid al Fitr and Eid Ul Adha.

among other traditions of Eid one is of sending cards to each other. In older days it was common to send each other printed cards. With the popularity of Internet and Social Media now people prefers to send each other Online Cards.

I am sharing a lovely collection of Eid Ul Firs 2014 Cards Which you can share with other Muslims:


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Yasir Qadhi Prays For The People Of Palestine

By 2:45 PM
By Yasir Qadhi:

The videos circulating around the net about the massacres and genocide that the Israeli army and air force is committing against occupied Gaza are too painful for me to watch. I must confess that my heart cannot bear to see the fathers and mothers crying over the corpses of their children, or the rubbled and demolished structures from which bodies are being pulled out, or the gory and wounded victims at overcrowded and under equipped clinics.