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Friday, April 11, 2014

Ramadan 2014 Quotes

By 9:05 AM
In my previous post I share the Wallpapers of Ramadan 2014 and now I have brought some useful quotes related to the holy month of Ramadan which is heading closer and closer every second. Its a month which brings revolution in our lives and boosts our Emaan.

Enjoy the following Ramadan 2014 Quotes. I hope they will help you to prepare for the holy month with more passion.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ramadan 2014 Wallpapers

By 4:08 PM
we are now less than 90 days away from the holy Month of Ramadan 2014. It is expected to start from 28th June and we are in middle of April already. Preparations to welcome this holy month will also begun soon slowly.

we have created Ramadan 2014 Wallpapers that you can use on your computer desktop to welcome the holy month.


Predestination and Islam

By 3:46 PM
The belief in predestination is one of the pillars of islam. It is one of the fundamental beliefs which have to be believed for every muslim. What predestination means is that, Allah swt has knowledge of every thing, and everything happens with His will. So, basically, the belief in predestination requires us to believe in the following things;


Women Education and Islam

By 3:39 PM
Does islam prohibit women from getting educated? Does islam put restrictions on their choice of field? Does islam stop women from going outside home for getting education? These are one of the very common misconceptions about islam. Most of the non muslim world think that islam is not a religion where women could be educated. If they find an educated woman, they think that she must have revolted against her religion to get it. But the reality is far different than this.


The Lost Scholars

By 3:15 PM
If one calls today, the age of fitnah, then this would not be wrong. This is age of fitnah , age of lies and age of false and evil deeds. It is not just a thought but it is as prophesied by beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh. Prophet Muhammad pbuh told us that a time will come when ilm ( knowledge) will be taken away and only name sake, fake scholars will remain. This is exactly what we are seeing today. There are so many name sake, fake and false scholars present today. They trade the name of islam for worldly riches and fame. Many and more examples of such people can be seen across the globe.


Who are Khawarij?

By 3:11 PM
The word khawarij comes from the root word kharaj, which means to exit or to rebel against. Khawarij are the people who are out of deen due to their weird beliefs and behavior. Who are they and why are they called khawarij is described below in detail. Prophet Muhammad pbuh said;


Offering Tahajjud Prayer

By 2:53 PM
Salah strengthens iman and it brings peace and comfort in life. There are five obligatory prayers which have to be done as duty. But salah does not end here, one can offer voluntary salah anytime whenever he wants. Among the voluntary salah, tahajjud is the most important. Allah swt has directed us to offer tahajjud salah in Quran. The following verses indicate it;


The Levels of Heaven and Hell

By 2:50 PM
Most people think and believe that hell and paradise have different types which will be bestowed to the people according to their deeds. In reality, as extracted from Quran and sunnah, both heaven and hell are one. They have different degrees or levels within them. But to say that there are namely, seven heavens and seven hells is not according to what the quran and sunnah speak of. Even though, paradise is described in Quran some times, as a plural word, but this only means that paradise has different levels and not different types. Same goes for hell.


Who are Hypocrites?

By 8:45 AM
Hypocrites are the people who move with the wind. Whatever situation is in their benefit, they do accordingly. As the verse mentioned below explains the chief characteristic of hypocrites. They try to deceive everyone. Even they try to deceive Allah swt by showing off their worship. In reality, whatever action they do, its just for show off. Their hidden agenda is always to serve their filthy interests. They are the best companions of satan and worst people to exist.


Issue of Taqleed

By 7:39 AM
Taqleed means to follow someone. In matters of deen, taqleed is very dangerous as well as right. That is, it serves both ways. For a common man who does not know the matters of deen very much or in much depth, he needs a mentor, a teacher to know and get advice in matters of deen. But it should be noted that no man is perfect. Not even a most renowned scholar. If a person preaches biddat in the name of islam, then such a person will not only enter hell himself, but also he will take all those who followed him blindly, to hell. All renowned scholars forbade blind taqleed and encouraged to learn islam.